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4SEVENS FLASHLIGHTS – Video Review by Nutnfancy SHOT Show

Quark Preon 2 Stealth 2XAAA 160-Lumen Cree XP-G R5 LED Pen Flashlight Black

Written Review by Nutnfancy
On the cutting edge of handheld lighting technology, David Chow and his company 4Sevens have many innovative proprietary light designs. They've been dealers of other innovative light brands like Fenix, NiteCore, Polarion HD, Olights, and Tiabo for years. But in many ways they are leading the pack in pushing the high value, high quality flashlight envelope. Their current lights use the high efficiency and ultra-bright "XP-G R5" LEDs which can be driven harder than previous generations. We show several of their models on camera including the Quark MINI 123 (ultra compact, amazing brightness at 189 OTF lumens @ 1.2 hrs, 3 lumen low light mode, amazingly smooth beam pattern), the Quark 123 Turbo (looks to have a great throw, lightweight, flared emitter head. 230 lumens OTF @1.8 hr hrs, 0.2 moonlight mode), the Preon lights (very slim, 160 OTF lumens @ .8 hrs, 2 lumen mode), M500, G500, and S1800 (1500 OTF lumens!) models. Quark lights have easy to use UIs that most users will like. For instance, in several models, the special modes (Strobe, high beacon, low beacon, etc) are hidden and the user doesn't have to cycle past them each time. And the advancements continue at 4Sevens as they seek better and more efficient LEDs, regulation methods, power sources, and emitter designs. As I discussed in my "Shedding Some Light on Lighting Technologies" video last year (

­1R4), the resulting ultra-quality flashlights continue to advance and impress us with their capabilities. I look forward to a two-cell lightweight light (about the size of the Quark 123 Turbo model for example) that achieves true 200 meter performance with good burn time. The current technologies require mulitiple cells, a larger form factor, and the emitters necessarily result high battery drain. But even now some designs like the Quark G500 are getting closer to the that standard. Future possibilities aside, the current Quark brand flashlights are impressive and give their owners a lot of lighting capability for the price paid. Thanks to David and crew for the 2010 SHOT Show visit!
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